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I’m William O Connell, founder of ReCreations.  I’m 21 and have been making and creating since I was very young. I decided to start this business as I had made so many pieces of furniture that the house was full and I still had a desire to create.

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We have made a wide range of tables from tiny console tables to full dining tables. By making each item to suit each individual’s situation it means that we can make a table to suit any shaped space.. We can make it to whatever dimensions you require.

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One of our most popular items are our reclaimed wood shelves. Made with scaffold boards and ornate metal shelf brackets, they fit perfectly in any home and the length can be adjusted to suit your needs.

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Another of the popular items we have made in the past is custom cabinets; be it for your own personal library or a corner tv unit; we can make a unit to fit any space.

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We are willing to discuss any item that you can imagine and together come up with a design to suit your needs. From entryway units to wrapping paper stations, from bookstands to serving trays, in the past  we’ve come up with a solution and made beautiful items to suit the customers needs. As outlandish or as unusual as your request or idea may seem it is often these that prove to be the most satisfying items to work on so please feel free to chat to us and we can discuss some ideas around and design an item totally unique to fit your needs and tastes.


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All our items are made from scratch so you can have the piece of mind that your item is original.